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McGrath JL, Bischof JJ, Greenberger S, Bachmann DJ, Way DP, Gorgas DL, Kman NE: 'Speed advising' for medical students applying to residency programs: an efficient supplement to traditional advising. Med Educ Online 2016 21:0 31336.

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achmann DJ, Jamison NK, Martin A, Delgado J, Kman NE: Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response: There's An App for That. Prehosp Disaster Med 2015 30:5 486-90.
Pollard KA, Bachmann DJ, Greer M, Way DP, Kman NE: Development of a disaster preparedness curriculum for medical students: a pilot study of incorporating local events into training opportunities. Am J Disaster Med 2015 10:1 51-9.

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Kman NE, Bachmann DJ: Biosurveillance: a review and update. Adv Prev Med 2012 2012:0 301408.

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