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Patterson PD, Moore CG, Guyette FX, Doman JM, Sequeira D, Werman HA, Swanson D, Hostler D, Lynch J, Russo L, Hines L, Swecker K, Runyon MS, Buysse DJ: Fatigue mitigation with SleepTrackTXT2 in air medical emergency care systems: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials 2017 18:1 254.
Werman HA, Darbha S, Cudnik M, Caterino J: Do Trauma Patients Aged 55 and Older Benefit from Air Medical Transport?. Prehosp Emerg Care 2017 21:4 461-465.

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Werman HA, Zielinski A, Raetzke BD, Nappi JF: Limb Replantation in Air-Transported Patients: A 4-Year Study. Air Med J 2016 35:4 239-41.

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Adkins EJ, Werman HA: Ambulance Diversion: Ethical Dilema and Necessary Evil. Am J Emerg Med 2015 33:6 820-1.

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Garey ML, Greenberger S, Werman HA: Ruptured splenic artery aneurysm in pregnancy: a case series. Air Med J 2014 33:5 214-7.
Krebs MG, Fletcher EN, Werman H, McKenzie L: Characteristics of nontrauma scene flights for air medical transport. Air Med J 2014 33:6 320-5.

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Cohen DM, Clinchot DM, Werman HA: A framework for analysis of sentinel events in medical student education. Acad Med 2013 88:11 1680-4.
Jaynes CL, Cook P, Farmer R, Werman HA, White L: Assessing satisfaction and quality in the EMS/HEMS working relationship. Air Med J 2013 32:6 338-42.
Werman H, Rancour S, Nelson R: Two cases of thenar compartment syndrome from blunt trauma. J Emerg Med 2013 44:1 85-8.

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Cudnik MT, Werman HA, White LJ, Opalek JM: Prehospital factors associated with mortality in injured air medical patients. Prehosp Emerg Care 2012 16:1 121-7.
Jaynes CL, Werman HA, White LJ: A blueprint for critical care transport research. Air Med J 2012 32:1 30-5.

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Bahner DP, Adkins EJ, Nagel R, Way D, Werman HA, Royall NA: Brightness Mode Quality Ultrasound Imaging Examination Technique (B-QUIET): Quantifying Quality in Ultrasound Imaging. J Ultrasound Med 2011 30:12 1649-55.
Hiestand B, Cudnik MT, Thomson D, Werman HA: Rocuronium versus succinylcholine in air medical rapid-sequence intubation. Prehosp Emerg Care 2011 15:4 457-63.
Mistovich JJ, Limmer D, Werman HA: Transition series: topics for the EMT Part 2: Assessment of the medical patient. EMS World 2011 40:4 55-60.
Werman HA, Erskine T, Caterino J, Riebe JF, Valasek T: Development of statewide geriatric patients trauma triage criteria. Prehosp Disaster Med 2011 26:3 170-9.
Werman HA, Erskine T, Caterino J, Riebe JF, Valasek T: Development of statewide geriatric patients trauma triage criteria. Prehosp Disaster Med 2011 26:3 170-9.
Werman HA, Newland R, Cotton B: Transmission of 12-lead electrocardiographic tracings by Emergency Medical Technician-Basics and Emergency Medical Technician-Intermediates: a feasibility study. Am J Emerg Med 2011 29:4 437-40.

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Caterino JM, Valasek T, Werman HA: Identification of an age cutoff for increased mortality in patients with elderly trauma. Am J Emerg Med 2010 28:2 151-8.
Thomas S, Judge T, Lowell MJ, MacDonald RD, Madden J, Pickett K, Werman HA, Shear ML, Patel P, Starr G, Chesney M, Domeier R, Frantz P, Funk D, Greenberg RD: Airway management success and hypoxemia rates in air and ground critical care transport: a prospective multicenter study. Prehosp Emerg Care 2010 14:3 283.

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Sinclair TD, Werman HA: Transfer of patients dependent on an intra-aortic balloon pump using critical care services. Air Med J 2009 28:1 40-6.

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Werman HA, White LJ, Herron H, Deppe S, Love L, Betz S, Santanello S: Clinical clearance of spinal immobilization in the air medical environment: a feasibility study. J Trauma 2008 64:6 1539-42.

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Larson JT, Dietrich AM, Abdessalam SF, Werman HA: Effective use of the air ambulance for pediatric trauma. J Trauma 2004 56:1 89-93.
Werman HA, Jaynes CL, Blevins G: Impact of a triage tool on air versus ground transport of cardiac patients to a tertiary center. Air Med J 2004 23:3 40-7.
Werman HA, Schwegman D, Gerard JP: The effect of etomidate on airway management practices of an air medical transport service. Prehosp Emerg Care 2004 8:2 185-90.

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Jaynes CL, Blevins G, Werman HA: Evaluating interfacility ground and air transport of the critical cardiac patient. Air Med J 2002 21:2 37-41.

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