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McGrath JL, Bischof JJ, Greenberger S, Bachmann DJ, Way DP, Gorgas DL, Kman NE: 'Speed advising' for medical students applying to residency programs: an efficient supplement to traditional advising. Med Educ Online 2016 21:0 31336.
Panchal AR, Finnegan G, Way DP, Terndrup T: Assessment of Paramedic Performance on Difficult Airway Simulation. Prehosp Emerg Care 2016 21:0 1-10.
Prats MI, Royall NA, Panchal AR, Way DP, Bahner DP: Outcomes of an Advanced Ultrasound Elective: Preparing Medical Students for Residency and Practice. J Ultrasound Med 2016 35:5 975-82.
Thompson L, Exline M, Leung CG, Way DP, Clinchot D, Bahner DP, Khandelwal S: A clinical procedures curriculum for undergraduate medical students: the eight-year history of a third-year immersive experience. Med Educ Online 2016 21:0 29486.

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ernard AW, Martin DR, Moseley MG, Kman NE, Khandelwal S, Carpenter D, Way DP, Caterino JM: The Impact of Medical Student Participation in Emergency Medicine Patient Care on Departmental Press Ganey Scores. West J Emerg Med 2015 16:6 830-8.
Gorgas DL, Greenberger S, Bahner DP, Way DP: Teaching Emotional Intelligence: A Control Group Study of a Brief Educational Intervention for Emergency Medicine Residents. West J Emerg Med 2015 16:6 899-906.
McGrath J, Kman N, Danforth D, Bahner DP, Khandelwal S, Martin DR, Nagel R, Verbeck N, Way DP, Nelson R: Virtual alternative to the oral examination for emergency medicine residents. West J Emerg Med 2015 16:2 336-43.
Pollard KA, Bachmann DJ, Greer M, Way DP, Kman NE: Development of a disaster preparedness curriculum for medical students: a pilot study of incorporating local events into training opportunities. Am J Disaster Med 2015 10:1 51-9.
Siddiqui IJ, Luz J, Borg-Stein J, O'Connor K, Bockbrader M, Rainey H, Way D, Colachis S, Bahner DP, Kohler MJ: The Current State of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Education in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Residency Programs. PM R 2015 8:7 660-6.

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Bahner DP, Goldman E, Way D, Royall NA, Liu YT: The state of ultrasound education in us Medical schools: results of a national survey. Acad Med 2014 89:12 1681-6.
Bernard AW, Kman NE, Bernard RH, Way DP, Khandelwal S, Gorgas DL: Use of a secure social media platform to facilitate reflection in a residency program. J Grad Med Educ 2014 6:2 326-9.
Khandelwal S, Way DP, Wald DA, Fisher J, Ander DS, Thibodeau L, Manthey DE: State of undergraduate education in emergency medicine: a national survey of clerkship directors. Acad Emerg Med 2014 21:1 92-5.
Wald DA, Khandelwal S, Manthey DE, Way DP, Ander DS, Thibodeau L: Emergency medicine clerkship directors: current workforce. West J Emerg Med 2014 15:4 398-403.

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Bernard AW, Kman NE, Way DP, Khandelwal S: The impact of two clinical shift allocation models on student experiences in an emergency medicine clerkship. Teach Learn Med 2012 24:3 194-9.

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Bahner DP, Adkins EJ, Nagel R, Way D, Werman HA, Royall NA: Brightness Mode Quality Ultrasound Imaging Examination Technique (B-QUIET): Quantifying Quality in Ultrasound Imaging. J Ultrasound Med 2011 30:12 1649-55.

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