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eskind DL, Stolz U, Thiede R, Hoyer R, Robertson W, Brown J, Ludgate M, Tiutan T, Shane R, McMorrow D, Pleasants M, Kern KB, Panchal AR: Viewing an ultra-brief chest compression only video improves some measures of bystander CPR performance and responsiveness at a mass gathering event. Resuscitation 2017 118:0 96-100.

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Panchal AR, Meziab O, Stolz U, Anderson W, Bartlett M, Spaite DW, Bobrow BJ, Kern K: The impact of ultra-brief chest compression-only CPR video training on responsiveness, compression rate, and hands-off time interval among bystanders in a shopping mall. Resuscitation 2014 85:9 1287-90.

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