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McGrath JL, Bischof JJ, Greenberger S, Bachmann DJ, Way DP, Gorgas DL, Kman NE: 'Speed advising' for medical students applying to residency programs: an efficient supplement to traditional advising. Med Educ Online 2016 21:0 31336.

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Gorgas DL, Greenberger S, Bahner DP, Way DP: Teaching Emotional Intelligence: A Control Group Study of a Brief Educational Intervention for Emergency Medicine Residents. West J Emerg Med 2015 16:6 899-906.

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Garey ML, Greenberger S, Werman HA: Ruptured splenic artery aneurysm in pregnancy: a case series. Air Med J 2014 33:5 214-7.

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Bernard AW, Gorgas D, Greenberger S, Jacques A, Khandelwal S: The use of reflection in emergency medicine education. Acad Emerg Med 2012 19:8 978-82.

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Rosenberg M, Greenberger S, Rawal A, Latimer-Pierson J, Thundiyil J: Comparison of Broselow tape measurements versus physician estimations of pediatric weights. Am J Emerg Med 2011 29:5 482-8.

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Thundiyil JG, Christiano-Smith D, Greenberger S, Cramm K, Latimer-Pierson J, Modica RF: Trimming the fat: identification of risk factors associated with obesity in a pediatric emergency department. Pediatr Emerg Care 2010 26:10 709-15.

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