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Hefner JL, Hilligoss B, Knupp A, Bournique J, Sullivan J, Adkins E, Moffatt-Bruce SD: Cultural Transformation After Implementation of Crew Resource Management: Is It Really Possible?. Am J Med Qual 2017 32:4 384-390.
Lester NA, Thompson LR, Herget K, Stephens JA, Campo JV, Adkins EJ, Terndrup TE, Moffatt-Bruce S: CALM Interventions: Behavioral Health Crisis Assessment, Linkage, and Management Improve Patient Care. Am J Med Qual 2017 0:0 1062860617696154.

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Bahner DP, Blickendorf JM, Bockbrader M, Adkins E, Vira A, Boulger C, Panchal AR: Language of Transducer Manipulation: Codifying Terms for Effective Teaching. J Ultrasound Med 2016 35:1 183-8.
Meyer B, Adkins E, Finnerty NM, Robinson FG: Determining the rate of follow-up after hospital emergency department visits for dental conditions. Clin Cosmet Investig Dent 2016 8:0 51-6.
Santiago RD, Bazan JA, Brown NV, Adkins EJ, Shirk M: Evaluation of Pharmacist Impact on Culture Review Process for Patients Discharged From the Emergency Department. Hosp Pharm 2016 51:9 738-743.

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Adkins EJ, Werman HA: Ambulance Diversion: Ethical Dilema and Necessary Evil. Am J Emerg Med 2015 33:6 820-1.
Halaweh T, Adkins E, King A: Ultrasound visualization of a pleural adhesion. J Emerg Trauma Shock 2015 8:3 167-8.
Kent A, Patil P, Davila V, Bailey JK, Jones C, Evans DC, Boulger CT, Adkins E, Balakrishnan JM, Valiyaveedan S, Galwankar SC, Bahner DP, Stawicki SP: Sonographic evaluation of intravascular volume status: Can internal jugular or femoral vein collapsibility be used in the absence of IVC visualization?. Ann Thorac Med 2015 10:1 44-9.

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Adkins EJ, Bahner DP: Ultrasound witnessed cardiac arrest in the ICU. J Emerg Trauma Shock 2014 7:4 341-2.
Blickendorf JM, Adkins EJ, Boulger C, Bahner DP: Trained simulated ultrasound patients: medical students as models, learners, and teachers. J Ultrasound Med 2014 33:1 35-8.
Cortez EJ, Boulger CT, Eastin T, Adkins EJ, Granitto E, Pollard K, Bahner DP: The ultrasound challenge 20: introducing interinstitutional competition in medical student ultrasound education. J Ultrasound Med 2014 33:12 2193-6.
Doepker B, Healy W, Cortez E, Adkins EJ: High-dose insulin and intravenous lipid emulsion therapy for cardiogenic shock induced by intentional calcium-channel blocker and Beta-blocker overdose: a case series. J Emerg Med 2014 46:4 486-90.
Stawicki SP, Adkins EJ, Eiferman DS, Evans DC, Ali NA, Njoku C, Lindsey DE, Cook CH, Balakrishnan JM, Valiaveedan S, Galwankar SC, Boulger CT, Springer AN, Bahner DP: Prospective evaluation of intravascular volume status in critically ill patients: does inferior vena cava collapsibility correlate with central venous pressure?. J Trauma Acute Care Surg 2014 76:4 956-63; discussion 9.

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Bahner DP, Adkins EJ, Hughes D, Barrie M, Boulger CT, Royall NA: Integrated medical school ultrasound: development of an ultrasound vertical curriculum. Crit Ultrasound J 2013 5:1 6.
Cummins E, Sharkey M, Eastin T, Adkins E: A rare cause for acute chest pain in the emergency setting that is hard to swallow. Case Rep Emerg Med 2013 2013:0 646342.
Kent A, Bahner DP, Boulger CT, Eiferman DS, Adkins EJ, Evans DC, Springer AN, Balakrishnan JM, Valiyaveedan S, Galwankar SC, Njoku C, Lindsey DE, Yeager S, Roelant GJ, Stawicki SP: Sonographic evaluation of intravascular volume status in the surgical intensive care unit: a prospective comparison of subclavian vein and inferior vena cava collapsibility index. J Surg Res 2013 184:1 561-6.
Moseley M, Adkins E, Cooper R, Wagner D: Physician-led intervention improves critical care documentation and reimbursement. Physician Exec 2013 39:6 32-4, 36.

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Bahner DP, Adkins E, Patel N, Donley C, Nagel R, Kman NE: How we use social media to supplement a novel curriculum in medical education. Med Teach 2012 34:6 439-44.

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Bahner DP, Adkins EJ, Nagel R, Way D, Werman HA, Royall NA: Brightness Mode Quality Ultrasound Imaging Examination Technique (B-QUIET): Quantifying Quality in Ultrasound Imaging. J Ultrasound Med 2011 30:12 1649-55.
Jacques AP, Adkins EJ, Knepel S, Boulger C, Miller J, Bahner DP: Educating the delivery of bad news in medicine: Preceptorship versus simulation. Int J Crit Illn Inj Sci 2011 1:2 121-4.

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McCallister JW, Adkins EJ, O'Brien JM: Obesity and acute lung injury. Clin Chest Med 2009 30:3 495-508, viii.

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