Vice Chair of Academic Affairs

Howard Werman, MD

Howard Werman, MD, FACEP

Professor and Vice Chair Academic Affairs
Department of Emergency Medicine
The Ohio State University College of Medicine
The Department of Emergency Medicine has a diverse faculty of over 40 physicians who engage in clinical practice; resident, medical student and allied professional education as well as scholarly and research activities. The College and Department offer 3 faculty tracks; Tenure Track, Clinical Track and Associated Track. Within the Clinical Track there are 3 pathways; Clinical Scholar, Clinical Educator and Clinical Excellence. All tracks (and pathways) allow for faculty advancement based on criteria unique to each track. Track and pathway determination are determined by individual faculty choice together with input from the Department P&T committee and approval of the Chair.
Faculty on the Tenure-track emphasize research and grant-writing in addition to their educational and clinical obligations. Clinical faculty may select one of three pathways: Clinical Educator, Clinical Scholar and Clinical Excellence. Clinical Educators focus on education and educational scholarship and clinical scholars focus on clinical research and grantsmanship. Those on the Clinical Excellence faculty spend the vast majority of time in the clinical environment where they provide impactful clinical care that contributes to the reputation of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. Research faculty focus on research pursuits without any obligation for educational and clinical responsibilities. Finally, Associated faculty contribute to one of the core missions of the Department, typically in the clinical arena. While the vast majority of our faculty are Clinical faculty, all of the pathways are represented by our current attending staff.
Our faculty currently has ten members at the rank of Professor (Terndrup, Angelos, Bahner, DeBard, Dick, Khandelwal, Martin, Nelson, Martin and Werman). There are also five Associate Professors (Caterino, Kman, Gorgas, Kaide, Moseley). The remaining faculty are Assistant Professors, many of whom are actively working towards promotion to upper faculty ranks.
There is an active faculty development program within the Department that is associated with the College of Medicine's Faculty Advancement, Mentoring and Education (FAME). The goal of the program is to assist faculty members in fully developing their academic talents; to focus their clinical, educational and/or scholarly pursuits and to achieve an appropriate work/life balance in their careers. Senior faculty members serve as coaches and mentors for more junior faculty members within the Department.

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