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Prospective Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Residents

The Ohio State University College of Medicine is pleased to announce the establishment of an Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Residency Program. The program is a five-year residency program with a robust training experience that prepares graduates to function in both disciplines. Graduates will have obtained a strong fund of knowledge through emergency medicine and internal medicine. They will also be prepared to handle any acute care emergency they encounter in practice. This training program is ideal to prepare any physician interested in an academic career. Each individual department is a strong academic program within the medical center, with a track record of producing academic physicians. Training at the OSU Wexner Medical Center will expose the resident to a breadth of medical specialties and associated pathologies. Trainees have opportunity for additional graduate level training at the university. For further information, please contact the Emergency Medicine/Internal Medicine Residency program director, Dr. Daniel Martin at or the associate director, Dr. Emily Kauffman at
Our EM/IM interview dates for this year (2017-2018) are: November 8th and 15th, December 6th and 13th, and January 10th. Generally, your morning will begin with morning conference with Internal Medicine, a welcoming breakfast with the Internal Medicine faculty and chief residents and then a welcome presentation from Dr. Daniel Martin, EM/IM program director. A tour of The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, lunch with Emergency Medicine residents and faculty and the afternoon will consist of several interviews with our program directors and faculty members.
On the evening prior to your interview, there will be a casual gathering with current Internal Medicine residents. We will provide appetizers/food from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. The information of where we will be meeting will be in your confirmation packet. We hope that you are able to join us for this event, as this gives us a chance to meet you in a less formal setting and allows you to ask us what it's like to be a resident at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center!
Visit our Emergency Medicine Residency pages for information about benefits and the Emergency Medicine portion of the residency. For more information about the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Department of Internal Medicine visit their websites and learn about living in Columbus on our Columbus information page.

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Important Facts about OSUWMC's Initial & "For Cause" Drug Screening Policy

All residents and fellows at OSUWMC are considered "Limited Medical Staff'. As such, they are bound by Medical Staff policies and procedures. All residents and fellows must complete initial drug screening before credentialing can occur (spring). If the credentialing screening drug test is positive for any of the tested substances without a physician's prescription for that substance, and notification of such prior to testing, the resident's/fellow's contract and any commitment to accept the trainee will immediately be void until he/she successfully completes a substance use assessment and/or treatment at an Ohio State Medical Board approved treatment site.
Substances Tested:
  1. Marijuana/Cannabinoids*
  2. Cocaine and metabolites
  3. Amphetamine/Methamphetamine
  4. Benzodiazepines
  5. Opiates
  6. Barbiturates
  7. Methadone
  8. Oxycodone
  9. Phencyclidine (PCP)
  10. Propoxyphene
*Additional Notation about Marijuana:
Several states have legalized medical and/or other marijuana use. OSUWMC will continue to consider a positive test for marijuana/cannabinoids without a physician's written direction as a positive drug test. Dilute urines specimens may also be considered positive tests and repeated. Marijuana with occasional use/exposure can cause a positive drug screen for 4-6 weeks (even longer with more frequent use/exposure or with certain body characteristics).
Rotations outside OSUWMC:
Many hospitals, including affiliates with the residency/fellowship programs, may require repeated drug screening before residents/fellows can start rotations or have other random or for cause drug testing policies at those sites. This means that residents/fellows are likely to have additional routine drug screening throughout their training before going to other hospitals in or outside of Central Ohio. A positive test at any training site will result in suspension of training and other potential action.
For Cause Screening:
Any medical staff member, including limited medical staff, may be required to submit to alcohol or drug testing for cause. Failure to complete screening within 2 hours will be considered a positive test and result in suspension and other potential action.

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