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EM/IM Curriculum

em im curriculum
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Mini Fellowship

This portion of the curriculum is meant to allow the trainee the opportunity to develop a unique interest or skill set. It is a continuous 12-week block of time in which the resident will be supported by a mentor or advisor that will work closely with them. It will also afford the trainee the opportunity to explore possible interest in subspecialty training. Approximately 3 months prior to the start of this period the resident will be asked to supply a one page summary indicating what they will plan to do over the 12 week period to develop their specific interest. It will include a list of measurable objectives and goals and will require approval by the program directors. They will work with a mentor or advisor on the topic of their choice. Ideally this will allow for development of skills that will promote an academic career. During this 12-week block the trainee will remain involved with their continuity clinic. If the resident chooses to not be involved in the Mini Fellowship portion of the curriculum it will be filled with other elective rotations. Some potential areas of focus for the Mini Fellowship would include but are not limited to:
  • Basic science or clinical research
  • Ultrasound training working toward certification as a registered diagnostic medical sonographer
  • Administration
  • Community medicine (ie. free clinics, EMS)
  • International medicine
  • Scholarly activity involved in medical writing, possibly related to case reports or review articles
  • Opportunity to initiate graduate-level classwork towards a Masters level degree in a program approved by the program director

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