The Ohio State University College of Medicine
Department of Emergency Medicine
750 Prior Hall
376 W 10th Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210
(614) 293-8305
Fax (614) 293-3124
Mark G Angelos, MD, Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine
Howard Werman, MD, Vice Chair for Academic Affairs
Eric Adkins, MD, Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs
Daniel Martin, MD, Vice Chair for Education
Jeffrey Caterino, MD, Vice Chair for Research
Sorabh Khandelwal, MD, EM Residency Director
Geremiha G Emerson, MD, EM Assistant Residency Director
Andrew King, MD, EM Assistant Residency Director
Daniel Martin, MD, EM/IM Residency Director
Emily Kauffman, DO, EM/IM Assistant Residency Director
Jennifer Journy, Residency Program Manager
Jeanine Hatfield, Residency Coordinator
Brittany Williams, Residency Coordinator
Michael Barrie, MD, MED 4 Clerkship Director (AMHBC-EM)
Benjamine M Ostro, MD, Med 3 Clerkship Director
Cynthia Leung, MD, PhD, ATEM Director
Sharon Pfeil, Medical Student Coordinator
Daniel Adams, MD, Chief Resident
David Hartnett, MD, Chief Resident
Austin Kosier, MD, Chief Resident
Chloe Sidley, MD, Chief Resident

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